Nearly a century of excellence and creativity

Hikayaah perfumes manifest the very soul of our Maison’s founder, Saint B K, a voyager who drew on his childhood, a desire to travel and dreams of faraway lands to strengthen his profound enthusiasm for perfumes and poetries.

From his encounters with a number of great noses of the old French Perfume tradition and with renowned famous poets, a fragrance concept brand was born, a taste for outright refinement, and an obsession with uniqueness and perfection.

Our atelier was devoted exclusively to the creation of significant fragrances with an underlying narration of your loved ones. He cautiously worked in the shadows to fulfill the desire of our customers. Each request was a new perfume accompanied by a story, and evoked an associated memory, reawakening a long-forgotten sentiment. Inside the wealthy creative circle the number of manifestations developed with each passing year until it was obscured.

After long and thoughtful preparation the concept was reincarnated under Euro Blends Perfumes by his grandsons and recently opened its realm to the public, through “Hikayaah – The Narration”, each fragrance custom-designed to showcase our collections.


Making noble and niche scents using luxurious and finest raw materials.


Our determination to make the best quality perfumes using the rich traditional methods used over the years.


All the ingredients in the product come from natural origins, most of them rare, noble and rich.